Sanctioned Strength of the DGIPR

1Director General (BS-20)1-
2Director of Information/Press Registrar (BS-19)3-3
3Deputy Director Information/ PRO to Governor KP/Station Director (BS-18)16-
4Deputy Director (IT) (BPS-18)1-
5Assistant Director Information/Information Officers/Assistant Registrar/Producer/Station Manager (BS-17)30282
6Audio Video Producer (BS-17)1-
7Transmission Engineer (BS-17)4-
8Budget and Account Officer1-
9Assistant Director I.T(BPS-17)2-
10Statistical Data Analyst (BPS-17)1-
11Administrative Officer/Superintendent (BPS-17)6-
12Film Production Officer (BPS-17)1-
13Pictorial Publicity Officer (BPS-17)11
14Junior Transmission Engineer (BS-16)651
15News Editor (BS-16)1-
16Audio Editor (BS-16)5-
17Assistant Information Officer/Assistant Producer /Sub Editor (BS-16)1183
18Assistant Network Administrator/2-
Assistant Web Administrator (BS-16)
19Senior Cameraman (BS-16)1-
20Senior Photographer (BS-16)4-
21Graphic Designer (BPS-16)2-
22Senior Scale Stenographer (BPS-16)3-
23Assistant (BPS-16)28-
24IT Assistant (BPS-16)/Computer Operator (BPS - 16)26242
25Non Linear Editor (BPS-15)2-2
26Senior Clerk (BPS-14)13103
27Cameraman (BPS-14)1-
28Stenographer English/Stenographer Urdu (BPS-14)1367
29Photographer (BPS-14)/Photographer-cum-cameraman (BPS-14)/18126
30Telecom Electric Technician (BS-12)321
31Article Writer (BPS-12)2-
32Junior Clerk (BPS-11)1394
33IT Technician (BPS-11)1-1
34Telephone Operator (BPS-8)2-
35Translator (BPS-7)312
36Dark Room Attendant (BPS-7)1-
37Driver (BPS-6)28235
38Lightman (BPS-5)1-
39Daftari (BPS-4)312
40Naib Qasid (BPS-3)31283
41Cleaner (BPS-3)5-
42Dak Runner (BPS-3)2-
43Mali (BPS-3)1-1
44Chowkidar (BPS-3)21-
45Sweeper (BPS-3)651
46Camera Cooli (BPS-3)1