1Powers to abolish postsFull Power in respect of all posts up to BS-17
2.aLocal Purchase of indigenous stores other than Stationary such as Equipment, Plants, Machinery, Spare Parts and other MaterialsF.P
bPurchase of Imported Stores, (involving Foreign Exchange) such as Equipments, Plants Machinery, Spare Parts and other MaterialsF.P
3.            Powers to incur expenditure on Development Schemes
4.            Powers to incur expenditure debatable to head “ purchase of Durable Goods” Repairs & Maintenance of durable goods and works” and “ commodities and Services” on items Specifically shows in the budget estimates in detail.F.P
5.i.Purchase of stationery binding and printing materials / local purchase of stationery.F.P
5.iiLocal purchase of other stores ( not involving expenditure in foreign exchange)Rs. 150,000/-
5.iiiElectricity, sui gas, water charges and government and local taxes.F.P
5.ivService postageF.P
5(v)Postal/courier service, telegraph, telephone fax and internet charges (for official business only)F.P
5.(vi)Hot and Cold weather chargesF.P
5.(vii)aPurchase of liveries.F.P
BPurchase of typewriters duplicators, bicycles, Photostat machines and computers.F.P
CPurchase of toners / computer ribbons/ computer stationaryF.P
5.(viii)Purchase of books, maps, teaching materialF.P
5(ix)Purchase of periodicals and newspapersF.P
5(x)Addition to or repairs of office equipments, instruments, and furniture (excluding  agricultural and other machinery)Rs. 20,000/ in each case
5(xi)Hire charges of furniture (for purposes other than officers/residences)Rs. 30,000/- in each case
5(xii)Freight for movement of government property including records.F.P
5(xiii).Charges for printing at private presses other than government pressesRs. 20,000/-
5(xiv)Copying and translation charges)F.P
5(xv)Expenditure in emergent cases on account of binding work executed locally.Rs. 3000/- in each case
5(xvi)Expenditure on rent of non-residential buildings and land.F.P
5(xvii)Rewards and bonus.Rs. 2000/-
5(xviii)Law chargesF.P
5(xix)Fees to Law OfficersF.P
5(xx)Fees and other casesRs. 2000/- in each case
5(xxi)Fees to personnel in connection with departmental with examination in accordance with rules.F.P
5(xxii)Compensation payable to any individual under law, rules or judgement of courts.F.P
5(xxiii)Charges for remittance of pay or allowances of establishment or stipends to trainees at government raining centers by money orders/ bank draft etc.F.P
5(xxiv)Payment of scholarshipF.P
5(xxv)Grant-in-aidAdmn: Department full power in accordance with rules
5(xxvi)Other itemsRs. 15000/- in each case
a)    Non-recurring items.
b)    Recurring itemsRs. 5000/-
5(xxvii)Conveyance charges for performance of official duty.F.P
5(xxvii)Servicing of computers, Photostat machines, and electrical typewriters and oiling. Servicing and repair of typewriters in use of government offices / institutionsRs. 10000/- per annum
5(xxviii)Powers to incur expenditure e for hiring of vehicles for law and order duties.F.P
5(xxix)Powers to incur expenditure on investigation of a criminal caseUp to Rs. 15000/- in each case
5(xxx)Powers to sanction budget Bonus in Finance Department, P&D Department.Chief Secretary full power up to maximum three months basic pay
5(xxxi)Contribution and subscriptionAdmn Deptt full power
5(xxxii)Delegation abroadAdmn Deptt: full powers subject to prescribed conditions
5(xxxiii)Conferences/seminars/workshops/symposiaAdmn Dept: full powers subject to availability of Funds.
5(xxxiv)POL chargesF.P
5(xxxv)Royalties, Rates and taxesF.P
5(xxxvi)Publicity and advertisement chargesF.P
5(xxxvii)Payment to other for services renderedF.P
5(xxxviii)Contribution and subscriptionF.P
5(xxxix)Secret service expenditureAdmn Deptt: full powers
6Administrative approval to works/ developmental schemesHead of Deptt: Rs. 500,000/-
Officer in Cat: I Rs. 200,000/-
7Re-appropriation of fund in the developmental budgetP&D Department full power
8Declaration of stores (including vehicles earth moving and agricultural machinery) surplus.Up to the value of Rs. 4 Lac per item
9Power to declare motor vehicles. Earth moving and agriculture machinery, equipments. Spares, and stores as unserviceable.Up to the value of Rs. 4 Lac per item
10Power to dispose surplus or un-serviceable motor vehicles, machinery, equipments, spares, stores by auction after due publicityF.P
11Purchase of replacement of vehicles including commercial vehicles four wheelers motor cars and motorcycles.F.P
12Power to sanction expenditure on repairs, replacement of parts, overhauling etc. of vehicles including commercial vehicles, four wheelers, motor cars and motorcycles, light machinery other tools an plants,Rs. 150,000/- or 50% of the book value of machinery whichever is less
13Powers to refund in accordance with rules or in pursuance of decisions of court in respect of which no appeal is proposed to be filed.F.P
14Powers to suspend collection of government dues.For a period not exceeding 3 months
15Remission of government dues in accordance with rules.Admn Deptt: is full powers
16To write off losses on account of negligence or fraud.Admn Dept: up to Rs. 10,000/- provided a report is sent to the accountant general and Audit with full justification and subject to prescribed condition.
17To write off losses other than those due to negligence or fraud.Up to Rs. 5000/- subject to prescribed condition in the report to send to the AG and Audit.
18Advances to Govt. servants.F.P
19HonorariaAdmn Deptt: Full Power
20Powers to sanction investigation of claim of government servants to arrears of pay. Allowances,F.P
21Powers to incur expenditure on ceremonial function and state entertainments,Admn Secretary Rs. 25,000/-
i.      Subject to the budgetary provision
ii.      Subject to the approval of Chief Secretary for holding functions
22Powers to incur expenditure on other official entertainments in connection with official meetings.Admn Deptt: full power
23Relaxation of the prescribed time limit of submission of T>A bill where no TA advance was drawnAdmn Deptt: full power
24Relaxation of the of the prescribed time limit where the family of transferred government servant could not join him within one year due to shortage oe accommodation education fo children or on media or compassionate grounds.Admn Deptt up to 6 months
25Grant of traveling and daily allowances or lodging charges to non-official members of commissions/ committees set-up by the government and to foreign experts.Admn Deptt full power
26 Re-imbursement of medical charges.